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Red Bank Harbor | Multi-Use Recreation Facility

Proposed | The Marine Park Green Acres Development

Red Bank Harbor is a proposal to convert an underutilized public site into a true public asset.  Superstorm Sandy has destroyed clay tennis courts that had existed for use by a very narrow constituency of the public.  This proposed public/private partnership envisions a place for recreational uses by the full spectrum of generations that call Red Bank the center of their daily lives.  The proposal includes year-round uses of ice-skating (synthetic ice), mini-golf, and a full array of water activities (kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats at least).  The design incorporates sustainable and green features for not only the buildings but for the site, too, and includes an electric transit loop for better access to the park.  

We are excited to be part of Jetsun Enterprises' proposal to make an even more vibrant waterfront for Red Bank's entire community! 

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8 Monmouth Street |

Red Bank Sub Shop & Red Bank House of Fades

Proposed Design | 

When an early 20th Century Classic 3-story building needed to have its monotonous 1960’s storefronts rejuvenated we took a “proportionate approach”, influenced by Mondrian's "Composition II in Red".

Two narrow storefronts became a theme and variation on the rectilinear frame and panel constraints of the existing façade. Update the finishes to automotive grade paint and you’ve got enough charm and punch to get attention in a location that was drab and dull.

Adding an additional level of charm at Red Bank Sub Shop is the urban-oasis dining patio. A peek out the back door and you’ll find yourself outdoors and off the street at your own table for two. Blue sky above, a great simple meal at your table – aaah, that’s a downtown lunch!

Composition II in Red | Mondrian

Composition II in Red | Mondrian

Simple graphics.  Punchy color scheme.  A nice little open roofed dining room.  Just enough.

Constructed | 

Red Bank Sub Shop has recently opened for business!  Grab a sub and check out the hidden patio!

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